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Domestic and international freight

Advice on foreign trade

Customs procedures performed with EDI system

ISO 9001/08 Certification since 2009

Domestic and international freight
from anywhere in the world.

Company founded in 1.993 professional experience of over 35 years in the industry. As freight forwarders, essential link in the chain of international trade, advises, organizes and coordinates all operations required for domestic and international freight, and from anywhere in the world, looking for the best ways and routes in terms of guarantees and prices.

Freelancers any transport company, ensuring the proper and faithful performance of its function.

We advise and decide where incoming and outgoing goods entrusted to its customers, in such a way that is the most suitable transport, insurance at the best possible price.

After the recognition and importance as a logistics operator, both entities and state agencies, Community, regional and local operations involved in, have recognized its importance and reliability of its efforts, granting inter, authorizations for the representation of their clients in the different steps, payable for each case, inter alia: Customs; Autonomic Haciendas; Health Authorities; Veterinary; Chambers of Commerce; Maritime Transport Shipping Companies; Airlines; Railway and Land; Insurance Companies, etc.

With the best vocation and the above, also advice on foreign trade, streamlining their customers the information requested.

For proceedings before the agencies involved in imports and exports, customs procedures performed with the most modern and fast means, as in the system "EDI", and other agencies, adhering to communication systems, processing and for the most demanding information.

Being the aim to reliability with accreditation, so we have obtained the ISO 9001/08 Year 2009.

We offer services from purchase order and thereafter, time our customers for logistics is ours and they can continue in other business activities. We pre-alerted to and from cargo origin or starting point, up on arrival, and reporting processes.

Containers for solid charge

For general use and solid charge. 20 and 40 feet long, and 8 feet width.


Tank Container

Container-tank 20 feet to transport liquid (chemicals such as) in a box-like frame.


Reefer Container

Container-fridges 20 and 40 feet with doors at one end and a built-in refrigeration unit end.